Welcome to Pavilion, Caddis!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest glasses brand at Pavilion–Caddis! This arrival is unlike our previous eyewear brands you know and love–and is unlike anything that will precede it! Caddis is a brand of readers, progressive readers and prescription sunglasses alike–taking it from fashion only to function as well. Many of our clients ask us for stylish protective eyewear and with a built-in prescription suited to make you look your best while serving your eyes, and Caddis is great for anyone looking for readers and blue light blockers. Today we give you all the details on the brand itself and walk you through the collection at Pavilion.

Pavilion Editorial Welcome to Pavilion Caddis
Committed to canceling the agist agenda that makes many of us question ourselves as we get older, Caddis is an affordable and accessible brand that normalizes and beautifies the aging process by offering fun, stylish and modern frames under the guise of necessary reading glasses. With built-in blue light blocking technology in every style, Caddi’s save our eyes from the impacts of staring at our screens on the regular and in turn improves sleep quality while reducing eye strain. All Caddis lenses have anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating. They are durable, affordable and come in many stylish options–like the Bixby frames which are their smaller sized frames and ideal for heart, square and oval faces alike.
Pavilion Editorial Welcome to Pavilion Caddis
With an array of gorgeous hues and shapes to choose from–and most designed to be universally flattering!--you can choose from a range of colors to wear with whatever outfit and integrate into any style for the office and beyond. Many will enjoy the weight and feel of the Miklos, D28 or Muzzy, which are our thicker frame options–durable and made to last. At Pavilion we also have a variety of prescriptions for your needs and custom orders are available for those interested (email hello@openpavilion.com to inquire).
Pavilion Editorial Welcome to Pavilion Caddis

For those looking for a subtler take, we also have a variety of clear, light toned and a wire frame option–the Hooper, which is a Caddis bestseller, and is a lighter weight frame that slides on and stays put while paying homage to vintage 1980’s eyewear. Root Cause Analysis is a high density acetate aviator frame designed to fit all face shapes and guaranteed to get you endless compliments. Porgy is our clear framed option and has the same blue-light blocking technology designed to minimize eye strain and improve sleep–all while essentially disappearing on the face. Whatever style you choose, you’re bound to love the affordability, style and collectivity of the brand–plus, each style comes in a stylish box that is eco-friendly and fully recyclable! 

Shop the full Caddis Pavilion collection here.

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