Event Season Dress Up Guide

Event season is upon us! It’s time to start planning outfits around upcoming events, holidays and getaways. If you’re looking for an easy way to dress up for them all without sacrificing comfort or too much thought, look no further than with today’s Dress Up Guide sure to get you ready for event season.


Pavilion Editorial Event Season Dress Up Guide
Shown above (clockwise from left): Cara Cara Claire Dress in Garden Blue Floral, Pascale Monvoisin Orso No 1 Necklace, Cara Cara Lucinda Cardigan in Ivory, Pavilion Diamond Balloon Hoops, Pascale Monvoisin Pierrot Ring in White, Pavilion Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Le Monde Beryl Mary Janes in Ecru Leather

With Cara Cara’s newest arrivals at Pavilion you’re close to being set on what to wear for both formal and informal events alike. Rich vibrant florals, easy flattering cuts and incredible textiles make the collection an easy choice for dressing up. You just need to add leather flats and shoes or a simple kitten heel to complete the outfit. Incorporate one standout print and keep the rest of the accessories simple, and you’ve got yourself a complete outfit for Easter this weekend.
Pavilion Editorial Event Season Dress Up Guide

Just because you’re dressing up doesn’t mean you can’t wear pants! Incorporate a floral trouser into your next event outfit and elevate it with rich gemstone accessories, a touch of pearls and a sharp kitten heel. By planning coordinated accessories and infusing pops of color in the details you can make a trouser work for a dress up occasion–or pair or a print-free, well tailored pair with an elevated silk blouse and a heel to complete the outfit. 

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