Welcome to Pavilion, Marlo Laz!

Jewelry is at the heart of the Pavilion brand, and we absolutely adore how personal, emotional and sentimental our individual inclinations towards jewelry can be–that’s why we are ecstatic to announce the arrival of Marlo Laz! Our newest jewelry vendor, Marlo Laz marries versatile customization with special infusions of luck and charm to offer a collection that aligns with everything we love most about jewelry. Today we introduce you to the brand and collection at Pavilion.

Pavilion Editorial Welcome Marlo Laz
Marlo Laz was founded in New York and is produced almost exclusively right at home from conflict free gemstones, diamonds and 14K yellow gold. While the collections boast an undeniably urban vibe, global travel is at the center of the brand ethos. The Porte Bonheur charm–Marlo Laz’s most iconic piece–is French for “lucky charm” and carries its wearer across borders as they experience the world. The PB charm is also the most customizable piece offered–available in a variety of sizes, enamel colors, gemstones, backings, and even several language options for your personal memories. We invite you to visit us in store to create your dream combination from the variety of options!
Pavilion Editorial Marlo Laz
Whatever combination you choose, the PB charms and chains are great for everyday wear and layered in a stack with other statement pendants. The Southwestern charms boast raised gold floral and paisley embroidery, inspired by the American Southwest and trailblazing women who embody its essence. The Southwestern design is also available in letters for personalization.
Pavilion Editorial Marlo Laz
Shown above (top to bottom): Squash Bead Bracelet in Yellow Gold, Southwestern Charm Bracelet with Pink Tourmaline and Yellow Gold (available in store), Petite PB Bracelet with Black Enamel and White Diamond, Wee PB Bracelet in Black Enamel and Emerald

Marlo Laz was created for the adventurous spirits, the nostalgic and sentimental who appreciate keeping their memories alive through keepsakes. Brought to life through vibrant gemstone pairings, intricate engravings and top tier craftsmanship, Marlo Laz designs are inspired by the footprints we leave as we experience the world.
Pavilion Editorial Marlo Laz
Shown above (top to bottom): Wee PB Earrings White Diamonds Raised Gold, Southwestern Heart Charm Earrings, Small Moon Earrings in Yellow Gold (available in store)

Explore the full Marlo Laz collection and its limitless possibilities to create your perfect piece in store every day, or online any time here.

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