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It’s the season for not only lots of new arrivals, but new brands, too! Today we are elated to introduce you to yet another new brand at Pavilion–Fortela–and give you the lowdown on this Italian, handcrafted designer you are sure to fall in love with.

Pavilion Editorial Fortela
An Italian design house, Fortela is a luxury brand that marries traditional archive style vintage with classic tailoring and a subtle infusion of western Americana and military details. Fortela draws inspiration from vintage cuts, fabrics and weights while adding a contemporary touch and quality craftsmanship from their employed Japanese weavers. Founded by the icon Alessandro Squarzi–notoriously famous street fashion influencer and talent scout–he aimed to condense the vast variety of his personal wardrobe into a cohesive, classic and well crafted line of essentials. Shortly thereafter, architect and designer Alessia Giacobino joined forces with Squarzi and infused the brand with a feminine touch.
Pavilion Editorial Fortela

Shown above: Fortela Simon Belt in Black

Fortela’s leather and denim goods in particular nod to byegone styles and quality level craft. Their jeans have a classic 1950’s silhouette with thick textiles made to last, while their fatigue pants have traditional utilitarian details that make them both fashionable and functional for everyday wear.

Pavilion Editorial FortelaShown above: Fortela Georgina Crew Neck Blouse in White

Giacobino’s influence on the brand can really be seen in their separates, especially blouses–which lean into romance, ease, bohemian spirit and comfort. Devised for the unconventional non-conformist, the classy traveler with an innate, effortless coolness. 

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