Welcome To Pavilion, Celine Daoust

We are ecstatic to announce the arrival of our newest jewelry designer at Pavilion–Celine Daoust! A small, woman owned, Belgian made and highly coveted brand, Celine Daoust has a beautiful collection of jewelry to offer and is now at Pavilion. Today we introduce you to her brand and what makes her vision ultra special.

Pavilion Editorial Celine Daoust
As a trained goldsmith, Celine Daoust has worked with gold and gemstones for much of her life. Her vision and evolution of jewelry is constantly changing, but her fixation on the energy within precious stones and marrying that with solid gold always remains central to her brand. Through her pieces Celine aims to convey the spiritual depths of stones and how they can carry the wearer through life’s experiences–making her jewelry a transmutation of energy beyond the tangible realm.
Pavilion Editorial Celine Daoust
Shown Above: Celine Daoust Diamond Heart Round Open Chain Necklace

Much of Celine’s inspiration is rooted in travel and the vibrancy of different cities around the world. She most closely feels roots in Jaipur, a place where she feels the intensity of spiritual vibrations that influence her designs. It was there where her imagination was free to roam endlessly and her brand was born. Since then, she has married cultural history and modern energy through a tale of travel between her other most beloved cities–Brussels and Paris. Celine loves to work with grey diamonds and tourmaline the most, welcoming and honoring the unique imperfections in each stone she works with and highlighting the spiritual qualities found within them.
Pavilion Editorial Celine Daoust

From vision to stone setting, Celine works closely with her trusted Indian craftsmen partners, who employ their ancestral craftsmanship to bring her designs to life. Each piece is responsibly produced with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones and handcrafted in 14K gold. All of Celine Daoust’s diamonds are conflict free and Kimberly certified. These special touches, along with her dedication to preserving unique imperfections and highlighting the spiritual depths of her stones, are what set the brand apart and give Celine’s jewelry its special signature.

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