Welcome Back, ATM

It has been a while since we welcomed a new collection from Anthony Thomas Melillo, but we are excited for the newest arrivals that just alighted the shop! To celebrate the return, we are providing you with the rundown on all things ATM today and introducing you to the items in our recent collection.

Pavilion Editorial ATM
In 2012 longtime designer Anthony Thomas Melillo debuted his own range of basics known as ATM. Originally focused on the creation of the most perfect t-shirt, the range quickly expanded to include basics and staple garments tailored to a range of fit inclinations. The overall collection exudes a modern coastal ease that embodies casual comfort. Relaxed elegance is at the center of all ATM does and aims for. Crafted from purest quality silk, like the relaxed top and skirt set above, it can be worn in such a variety of ways and fits, it instantly becomes core to any closet.
Pavilion Editorial ATM
In addition to thoughtful cuts and drapes, ATM takes care to craft all of their pieces from highest quality, sustainably sourced fabric. A hallmark is their modal fabrics, made from raw wood material in a closed loop spinning process in which raw materials like water and chemicals are 99% recycled. Certified fair trade and made in Peru, the fabric is not only both biodegradable and compostable but also unimaginably soft, comfortable and breathable to wear. The long sleeve crew neck boy tees are crafted from modal which creates an easy drape that can be worn with a myriad of other silhouettes and styles. At Pavilion we live and die by our core basics that are meant to be with us forever and crafted from special, sustainably sourced fabrics, so these core pieces integrate seamlessly.
Pavilion Editorial ATM

It’s no secret that we adore a blazer, but the best ones are those that exude a casual, wearable and versatile energy–which is exactly what we love with our new ATM blazer. This easy to wear staple is made from the same tencel based modal that is double faced, raw cut and seamed with classic tailoring but an easy sophistication that can easily be dressed up or down. Wear it with your favorite denim and tee or over a dress for dinner, the versatility is unmatched and the sustainable derivatives make it a piece you’re proud to wear. 

Pop into the shop to browse the full new ATM collection!

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