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With June peaking around the corner, it feels like spring has come and gone all whilst we sheltered in place. Rather than dwell on the monotonous days passed at home, it's time to set our sights on the prospect of summer sunshine. In a mere 4 weeks, summer will be upon us and hopefully Covid-19 will begin to subside. One thing that continues to inspire our beloved Pavilion family is adorning our necks, wrists, and ankles with some sweet sparkly love! On this week's Editorial, we are diving into our favorite summer stackables that we’re loving to layer.

Shown above: Marit Rae 5mm Beaded Necklace, Marit Rae Short Clip Necklace, Marit Rae Horoscope Necklace, ATM Sweetheart Modal T-Shirt in White

We've said it countless times and we’ll say it again, if you’re looking for effortless and layerable jewelry pieces, Marit Rae is your go to gal. A Santa Barbara sweetheart and master of her craft, Marit pours her heart and soul into each handmade piece she gives us. Supporting our local artists and businesses is crucial during these challenging times, and when you purchase a Marit Rae piece, you are directly supporting her! It's a no brainer that necklaces are one of the most effortless and raved about accessories, adding style to even the simplest of ensembles. We love stacking with a variety of lengths, and the beauty is, Marit Rae does all the heavy lifting for you. We love the subtle "statement" feel of the 5mm Beaded Necklace. These oversized water and tarnish resistant gold-filled beads can be worn all day and all night without ever losing their shine. The adjustable clasp in the back allows you to play with different lengths in case you want to add some other pieces to the equation. We think it works perfectly worn nearly as a choker, layered atop the Short Clip Necklace also from Marit Rae. This small but mighty chain features rectangular gold-plated links that fall delicately onto your chest. With a length of 22", this necklace is the perfect middle layer for a well-curated stack but don’t worry - the links are large enough to clasp at any length. You could end your layering party here, but we think that every successful necklace stack needs a pendant to ground it. We love how these two pieces look with the Horoscope Necklace. One side of the medallion is the zodiac image with the corresponding sign in script on the backside. The signet is held in place by a uniquely delicate chain that twinkles beautifully in the sunlight.

Our most exciting new arrivals are the stunning Enamel Chain Anklets that Marit Rae sent us last week. Since these immediately flew off the shelves, we recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible to get your favorite color combo! These small but mighty enamel chain anklets are a natural gift for a loved one or yourself. Go crazy and stack all of your favorite colors - you really can't go wrong. The anklet is created using a delicate gold-plated chain decorated with tiny "drops" of color spaced around the circumference. We love how this simple accessory instantly adds a beachy vibe to your daily look. Since it's impossible to pick favorites, we went all out and created a multi-colored gradient stack. For the color lovers, you can select from a gorgeous array of tones such as lavender, pink, peach, mint, turquoise, and sky. If you're more of a neutral kind of gal, play it safe with white, dark blue, or black. Layer your new anklets and show them off with a low top sneaker or sandal to commence the summer festivities! Email us at hello@openpavilion.com or find us on social media @openpavilion to custom order your favorite color(s).

Shown above: Marit Rae Big Bead Gold Stretch Bracelet, Marit Rae Evil Eye Beaded Stretch Bracelet in Turquoise Lashed Eye, Marit Rae Small Cuban Chain Bracelet, Marit Rae Crescent Moon Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Last but of course not least, our love for Marit Rae's bracelets continues to grow. We believe that the limit doesn't exist regarding how many pieces can live on one wrist. To ensure we don’t over-excite you with too many pretty things at once, we chose 4 that marry together perfectly. Our first member of the arm party is so beautiful that it can be worn on its own, but the Big Bead Gold Stretch Bracelet plays perfectly with others as well. Classic, simple, and oh-so-stretchy, this gold-filled beaded bracelet is an everyday staple that you won't have to worry about taking off - ever. Simply slip it on and forget about it! Add a hint of color and magic to your stack with the Evil Eye Beaded Stretch Bracelet in Turquoise Lashed Eye. This piece is anchored with an evil eye charm for protection, decorated with dainty pave diamonds and lashes sandwiched between small gold-filled beads. Every arm party needs a little bit of variation between shape and functionality. That's why we added Marit Rae's Small Cuban Chain Bracelet to our stack! This gold plated piece features tightly secured links finished off with an adjustable clasp. We love the 80's feel we get when we slide this number on- especially with others. Keep the fun going, and finish things off with another sweet charm. We love how Marit Rae's Crescent Moon Beaded Stretch Bracelet ties everything together. This delicate piece features the same gold filled round beads centered with a tiny crescent moon. The center of the moon is elegantly decorated with a single pave stone - adding the perfect moderate amount of sparkle.

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