Shop Sustainably: AGOLDE, Alternative Apparel & DL1961

As any educated shopper would know, the fashion industry is a major contributor to global pollution.  Although the industry seems to be waking up to its global impact, few brands are making active changes to offset their carbon-footprint to offer customers more sustainable alternatives. In our own commitment to ethical and eco-friendly(er) fashion, we’re highlighting three of our favorite brands dedicated to producing stylish and sustainable clothing. 


Famous for their fashion forward denim, AGOLDE prides themselves on handwork and craftsmanship. In their commitment to sustainability the brand believes it all starts at the source; producing all of their denim grown from non-genetically modified organic cotton and recycled yarns. Recently introducing a new laundry system, the G2 Washed By The Atmosphere. This new system creates a ‘lived-in’ look with air to reproduce ozone gas conditions, eliminating the need for toxic production processes such as bleaching. Moreover, this machine allows significant reductions in water consumption, chemical and heating energy, dyes and electricity. 

Shown above: All Marit Rae jewelry call for details, Alternative Apparel Headliner Crop in Smoke Grey, DL1961 Bonnie Trucker Jacket in Dunaway, AGOLDE Roxanne Jeans in Princeton Destruct, St. Agni Desi Knit Loafer in Black

Shown above: All Marit Rae jewelry call for details, Alternative Apparel Headliner Crop in Smoke Grey, DL1961 Bonnie Trucker Jacket in Dunaway, AGOLDE Roxanne Jeans in Princeton Destruct


Alternative Apparel is one of the most eco-consciously woke brands out in the marketplace.  Most garments are made with organic and recycled materials, low impact dyes, and water conserving wash techniques. Approximately 60,000 pounds of organic cotton are used by annually in place of conventional cottons. On top of that, a whopping total of 1.8 million plastic bottles are recycled and used annually in their proprietary Alternative Eco fabrications. In 2017, Alternative Apparel teamed up with other sustainable brands and joined the Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner and more transparent fashion industry.

Shown above: Alternative Apparel Champ Remix in Eco Oatmeal, KAYU Vera Clutch (on sale), DL1961 Hepburn High Rise Jeans in Eggshell, St. Agni Aiko Basic Slides in Tan

Shown above: Alternative Apparel Champ Remix in Eco Oatmeal, KAYU Vera Clutch (on sale), DL1961 Hepburn High Rise Jeans in Eggshell


At DL1961, environmental awareness and sustainability are quite literally woven into the foundation of the brand. Each pair is made from ethically sourced premium cotton, water efficient botanic fibers created at globally recognized eco-friendly factories. Running off of the philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle, in 2018, they saved a whopping 50 million gallons of water through their on-site recycling plant and efficient machinery - all powered by solar energy. This amazing on-site technology allows them to monitor water consumption and dye usage. It typically requires up to 1,500 gallons of water to produce one pair of jeans, due to their technology, DL1961 uses less than 10 gallons of water per pair, and recycles 98% of it at the end and have gone one to donate nearly 5,000 pounds of excess fabric to FABSCRAP, a non-profit that upcycles commercial textiles. Since this partnership began, DL1961 has saved 73,102 pounds of CO2 - the equivalent of planting 865 trees!  

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