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It’s the season of all things new! Gearing up for a major arsenal of new arrivals come spring also means new brands coming in and lots to introduce you to! We are very excited to welcome not one but two new design houses–Posse and Róhe–at Pavilion this week, and we’d like to introduce you to both while showing you what makes them special on today’s Editorial.

Pavilion Editorial Newphoria
Shown above: Posse Harlee Mini Dress in Cream

Australian based Posse is a slow-fashion design house committed to sustainability and authenticity through seasonless and quality collections that can build on each other and be worn time and again. Their brand ethos is centered around classic femininity and quiet confidence through slow fashion. Posse revels in celebrating womanhood, simplicity and modernity by adopting the less is more philosophy with their collections and styles. Designed to last and crafted with care, each Posse collection is meant to last and be worn countless ways with other Posse pieces and beyond.
Pavilion Editorial Newphoria
Posse’s sustainability efforts are at the forefront of everything they do. Posse has OEKO-TEX (globally recognized standard for chemical and harm-free fabrics) certification on all their linens while their cottons are GOTS certified–the global standard for organic fabrics. They also operate with a BCI certification, meaning they maintain best farm practices for their cotton farms and work with farmers to make cotton farming a more environmentally friendly, climate resilient practice. Shopping with Posse means shopping quality craftsmanship created with the climate and its people in mind.
Pavilion Editorial Newphoria
Shown above: Róhe Shaped Poplin Shirt in White

Róhe is an Amsterdam based design house that also cherishes and centers its brand ethos around a quiet confidence and easy luxury. The design house has a strong focus on the subtle reinvention of a timeless wardrobe. Timeless styles and quality basics made to last but elevated with a modern touch, Róhe’s design language is all about building upon previous collections to make each new style work with all the last ones. Róhe’s pieces are always expertly tailored to easily reinvent what we’ve all come to know as closet staples. For example, their Shaped Poplin Shirt takes a classic white button up and tailors it with a fitted, shaped waist that is ultra flattering and takes away bulk fabric that makes it friendlier for layering under other garments.
Pavilion Editorial Newphoria

Róhe’s magic is in the subtle details, the unexpected edge each piece has to offer. Róhe keeps all of its manufacturing close to home and sources high quality Italian textiles in an effort to minimize their climate impact. They maintain relationships with trusted suppliers who source their fabrics responsibly and focus on reducing harm to the planet. Róhe is a conscious design house whose collections are meant to withstand the test of time and limit a wearer’s urge to buy more when less does the job. 

Shop all new Posse and Róhe at Pavilion here.

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