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Hot on handbags at Pavilion, we’ve been adding lots of newness to our accessory inventory lately! Everyone needs a good staple bag to reach for everyday, so we’re introducing a new brand at Pavilion to cover your handbag needs. Today, meet Maeden and all it stands for at Pavilion!

Pavilion Editorial Maeden
Shown above: Maeden Boulevard Padded Pouch in Shade

Maeden is an Amsterdam-based luxury label focusing on a visionary approach to quality leather goods. Under the creative direction of Christian Heinkoop–multidisciplinary Dutch designer who mixes mediums with a flawless and innovative touch–Maeden seeks an unwavering attention to detail while marrying innovative design and traditional craftsmanship.
Pavilion Editorial Maeden
Shown above: Maeden Yela Bag in Shade, Maeden Yela Bag in Sienna, Maeden Yela Bag in Black 

Transparent sustainability is at the forefront of Maeden’s mission. Partnered with a century-old certified tannery based in the Netherlands that solely produces leather from the byproducts of local dairy farms, Maeden’s leather sources are traceable and certified sustainable, contributing no new waste and using scraps that would otherwise be disposed of. While the Netherlands was once a distinct global destination for sustainable leather production, due to globalization this has changed dramatically since the 1960’s and become an industry full of pollution and unchecked environmental harm. Maeden not only supports the heritage and origin of leather production in its homeland but also partners with the last and longest existing leather plant to produce all its leather goods–contributing to the longevity, quality and luxury of its collections. 

Pavilion Editorial Maeden
Shown above: Maeden Yumi Tote in Black

Pavilion as a brand itself is very selective on the vendors it upholds. While there are endless designers and products to carry and represent, our reasoning goes into who does what the very best–the holy grail of itself based on production, provenance, and impact of said brands. There is always a depth of thought behind the “why” on every designer under the Pavilion house, and that “why” lies within the brand ethos, product expression, and quality of goods. We firmly believe that Maeden holds itself to the highest standards when creating handbags, and we are proud to welcome them to the Pavilion family because of it. We also believe in the variation of the collection and the value of each bag and its style! Choose from an oversized everyday tote that can hold your laptop like the Yumi, an elevated shoulder bag like the Yela, an updated crossbody with satisfying grooves and padding like the Boulevard, or its pouch twin. All are complete with supple Nappa calf leather and metal hardware to last a lifetime.

Explore the full range of Maeden handbags at Pavilion here.  

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