Made For Each Other

It’s well established that at Pavilion we are crazy about jewelry. There is so much emotion and personal inclination attached to our beloved pieces we all love and wear on a regular basis. In case you need a little inspiration on how to mix and match your ear stack, today we provide you with some hoops and studs combinations and tips on how to style them!

Pavilion Editorial Made For Each Other
Shown above: Marlo Laz Open Heart Earrings with Maria Tash Trinity Diamond Stud
Most of us have more than one piercing to boast a combination of earrings at once. We love complementing two styles without being outright thematic. A subtle nod to one another makes an ear combination intentional. For example, choose a statement hoop and match the gold finish to a stud. In this case we like the subtle geometry of an open heart framed in diamonds paired with a small trinity cluster that looks similar in shape but is not implicitly thematic.
Pavilion Editorial Made For Each Other
Shown above: Machete .75’’ Perfect Hoops with EF Collection Baby Diamond Mini Moon Stud
It’s no secret that hoops and studs are made for each other, but sometimes it’s tricky to know which to pair together. Juxtapose a thick and chunky hoop of a smaller size with a diamond stud. The easy curve of a hoop mirrors that of a crescent moon nicely while still allowing each to stand out. When crafting the perfect combination, think about how each earring can mirror each other to offer a complementary pairing.
Pavilion Editorial Made For Each Other

Shown above: Roule and Co Pixel Dust Half-Full Set Petite Hoops with Celine Daoust Diamond Triangle Single Stud Earring

Sometimes you want a smaller impact with your combination, but it can be hard to know how to pair different styles together. We always recommend finding a common denominator in the hoop and stud in question, like shape and geometry. For example, pairing Roule and Co’s architecturally inspired and geometrically perfect pixel dust hoops with Celine Daoust’s triangular single stud provides a marriage in an unusual but striking way. 

We hope these tips help you craft combinations you’re inspired to wear!

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