Le Monde Beryl at Pavilion

As the new year gets going we continue to introduce you to new brands, trends and styles at Pavilion. Today we have you meet our newest footwear line, Le Monde Beryl. Crafted in Italy from ultra supple leathers in classic, minimal styles, Le Monde Beryl is sure to become your favorite brand for loafers, flats and the like. Read on to learn all about Le Monde Beryl.

Pavilion Editorial Le Monde Beryl
Shown above (clockwise from left): Le Monde Beryl Soft Loafer in Ecru, Le Monde Beryl Soft Placket Loafer in Black, Le Monde Beryl Mary Jane in Black
Established in 2016, Le Monde Beryl aims to reimagine classic footwear with a contemporary sensibility rooted in comfort and longevity. Le Monde Beryl’s artisans employ old-world techniques and sustainable sensibilities to create footwear that is both sensible and sumptuous to wear. The name Le Monde Beryl is derived from a term referencing gemstones, and like such exceptional objects, the brand’s exquisitely made offerings are designed to both be admired from any angle and withstand the test of time.
Pavilion Editorial Le Monde Beryl
Shown above: Le Monde Beryl Soft Loafer in Ecru with Le Bon Shoppe Snow Socks in Cookies and Cream

Simultaneously sophisticated and sensible–like its iconic style, the Soft Placket Loafer–form follows function at Le Monde Beryl. Their classic styles are both refined and elegant, taking cues from traditional classics and elevating them with the utmost quality leather. Sourced sustainably from Italy and crafted right at home, their loafer and mary jane production employs a minimal-waste process to limit its impact on the environment.
Pavilion Editorial Le Monde Beryl
Shown above: Le Monde Beryl Mary Jane Flat in Black Mesh

Another core style to Le Monde Beryl’s brand is the Mary Jane. Crafted with an almond toe, very minimal outsole and leather buckle, this flat is a perfect everyday staple. Iconic yet simple and minimal, the newest arrival of the Mary Jane at Pavilion is elevated and playful in black mesh. Lined with the same leather we love from the brand but designed in a sheer mesh body to give the classic shoe a modern twist. This version of the Mary Jane is ideal going into spring! Or for a more winter appropriate take, pair the all leather sister with a pair of trouser socks to integrate them into your cold weather rotation.
Pavilion Editorial Le Monde Beryl
Shown above: Le Monde Beryl Mary Jane in Black with Le Bon Shoppe Her Socks in Peacock

Shop all Le Monde Beryl styles at Pavilion here.


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