How To: Layer Necklaces

We love the layered look but many of you have voiced concern and confusion about how to get it right. We're giving you 5 tips on how to wear all of your favorite necklaces together, and keep things looking effortless and cool.

1. Layer between 2 and 4 necklaces. 4 separate chains can be a lot, don't be afraid to wrap one twice to add another dimension of length.

2. Charms, medallions, pendants, anything that hangs is your friend. Create your own story by adding different pieces that hold meaning for you.

3. Mix metals! Don't be beholden to the taboo of mismatched metals. See how we've mixed rose and yellow golds below - anything goes!

4. Make sure all the chains are different lengths and weights (thickness). This will help things from getting totally tangled and separated on your neck.

5. Consider what you're wearing. When you're choosing the different lengths of your necklaces be sure to think about the neckline of what you're wearing. If you're in a crew neck make sure your choker is visible; if you're in a v-neck, make sure you're comfortable with where the longest chain falls on you.

Shown above: (From top) Marit Rae Long Ball Cut Double Medallion Chain Necklace (wrapped twice!), EF Collection Lighting Bolt Necklace in Rose Gold, Pascale Monvoisin Bowie Necklace in Black (rose gold), Alternative Apparel Zoe Rib Tank in Black

Shown above: (Top to bottom) Marit Rae Rectangular Chain Link Necklace, Marit Rae Monstera Charm Necklace, Marit Rae Horoscope Necklace - Capricorn (other signs available)

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