How To: Layer Jewelry

Many people struggle with the art of layering jewelry. From what we wear on our necks, to how we bling out our wrists, curating a compelling jewelry story is an incredibly satisfying, but sometimes challenging feat. We are firm believers in finding an accessory uniform that gives you a range of flexibility in your wardrobe choices. In this week's editorial, we are going to show you how we are dressing up our neck and showing off our arm candy to keep you looking effortlessly cool and accessorized. 

When layering necklaces, go as crazy as you want with how many, but make sure that each one is different in length, but as a rule of thumb we recommend 2-4 layers. The biggest secret to keep things from being a tangled mess is chain variation. Start with the most delicate piece to ensure it’s not overwhelmed by the rest, here we’ve chosen EF Collection's Diamond Hamsa with Blue Sapphire Eye Necklace. This 14k yellow gold necklace measures at 16" when worn at its full length, since it’s adjustable, we have it at its tightest clasp, making the perfect first layer. The delicate diamonds and blue sapphire stone in the center bring a compelling twinkle to your neck. When creating the ideal stack, avoid competing hierarchy - too many pendants might look crazy and distracting. For our 2nd layer, opted for one of Marit Rae's simple chains. Handmade in Santa Barbara, her clip link chains are the perfect center layers for the ultimate neck candy. The gold-filled Medium Clip Necklace adds scale and an architectural look. Also from Marit Rae, and a new addition to Pavilion, our third layer is the Gold Ball Pendant Necklace. We love the elegant sparkle of the chain combined with the simple ball pendant. With this, we are choosing a simple, understated pendant to leave most of the focus on the delicate Hamsa necklace. For our last and final layer, we wanted to anchor our neck with a show-stopping piece by Pascale Monvoisin. Your bottom layer should ALWAYS be the longest as well as the largest so that everything looks anchored. The delicate Idaho Nº1 Necklace by Pascale Monvoisin is strung with a 9-karat gold pendant engraved with an ouroboros (snake) talisman, representing the infinite cycle of life.

Shown above: EF Collection Diamond Hamsa with Blue Sapphire Eye Necklace - YG, Marit Rae Medium Clip Necklace (contact for purchase), Marit Rae Gold Ball Pendant Necklace (contact for purchase), Pascale Monvoisin Idaho Nº1 Necklace.


Layering necklaces and bracelets require similar approaches - make sure you have a range of size and scale. You don't want your arm to turn into a hodgepodge of the same same, break things up with a charm, add an in an open link chain, use different textures and materials. One of our true all time favorites, Marit Rae's gold-filled beaded stretch bracelets are so easy to layer up and take on and off. Since they're clasp free and can be pulled on and off at a moments notice, we love to mix in different sizes, like the newest Big Bead (4mm) Stretch Bracelet as our first layer and then the Small Bead Stretch Bracelet. To add some openness, opt for another charmless piece like the Clip chain bracelet - also from Marit Rae. To create a central focal point, choose something dainty yet impactful like EF collection's Gold & Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet. This 14k gold charm is anchored with a single center diamond, strung on a simple gold chain. Wear this in the center of your stack to tie everything together. 

Shown above: Marit Rae Big Bead Stretch Bracelet (contact for purchase), EF Collection Gold & Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet, Marit Rae Small Bead Stretch Bracelet, Marit Rae Clip Chain Bracelet (contact for purchase).

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