Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here! Shopping for our loved ones is in full swing and we are all eager to please with our gift giving expertise. If you’re feeling uncertain of the best way to express your love this season, we have you covered with our holiday gift guide guaranteed to guide you to the perfect gift for everyone in your life!

Pavilion Editorial Holiday Gift Guide
  • Cozy Knits - It’s chilly out, and a cozy knit is like gifting a warm hug. Choose from a wide array of knits and styles currently at Pavilion! Warm wools like the Nili Lotan Coras and One Grey Day Sirelle Hoodies are easy to love, flattering and make a great gift for the wardrobe enthusiasts in your life. Browse the full collection of knits at Pavilion here.
  • Soft Socks - An easy stocking stuffer and an easy way to fortify a gift, you simply cannot go wrong with our collection of Le Bon Shoppe socks at Pavilion! Chunky ribbed, polished cotton or terry in a variety of hues and colors, these socks span your sartorial needs from casual to dressy. Stock up with our various styles here.
  • Gemstone Jewelry - Absolutely everyone loves a sparkling gemstone. With virtually every hue and type of stone from peridot to white diamond, gemstone jewelry feels personal and thoughtful. Roule and Co’s jaw-dropping pixel dust collection which infuses gemstones with negative space and geometric gold is the ultimate luxury to gift those most special in your life. For the full gemstone collection from Roule and Co, shop here.
  • Petite Pearls - With the exciting arrival of Pavilion Jewelry comes a slew of new jewelry designers! The newest is Copenhagen born Sophie Bille Brahe, which combines femininity with striking stones and gold. The Petite Peggy Pearl Bracelet is the perfect touch for those who love classic pieces and timeless style. See Sophie’s full collection at Pavilion here.
  • Timeless Tennis Bracelet - There is no going wrong with a classic, beautiful and iconic tennis bracelet. Pavilion’s own is bezel set in yellow gold with sparkling diamonds and makes a statement yet can be worn well in a stack. For a more delicate take, see the rest of the tennis bracelet collection at Pavilion here.
  • Outstanding Outerwear - A cozy coat is easy pleaser because it’s special and versatile and will last for years to come. Harris Wharf’s Blanket Coat this year comes in a striking emerald green, perfect for the season and beyond. Browse the entire collection of outerwear at Pavilion here.
  • Jewelry Box - Everyone needs a safe and beautiful home for their special jewels. Now at Pavilion jewelry, we offer Sophie Bille Brahe’s collection of jewelry boxes crafted from plush silk velvet in a variety of beautiful tones. For those who can’t have enough jewelry in their life, this gift is sure to please!   
  • Leather Flats - New to Pavilion is Le Monde Beryl, an Italian crafted and buttery soft line of leather loafers and flats. Gift your loved one a chic pair of timeless shoes that they will wear for years to come in comfort! Browse the Le Monde Beryl line here.
  • Personalized Pendants - Also new to Pavilion Jewelry is Marlo Laz, a line of personalized pendants and charms designed for the ultimate customizations. Porte Bonheur charms wish the wearer safe travels and nod to moments of ease on holiday while bringing the wearer utmost luck. Choose the perfect charm and chain combination for your loved one from our collection of Marlo Laz here.

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