High Low Layering

Throughout all of the curve balls that 2020 has thrown our way, we have our Pavilion family to thank for keeping us on our toes. You've allowed us to get creative with how we can keep everyone informed in the best way possible. Whether through our Instagram stories or our weekly Editorial, we get so much pleasure from keeping everyone stylish while answering all of your styling and fashion-related questions. One question that we continually get asked is a rather simple but unexpectedly complex one: “How do I layer my everyday jewelry?” As strong proponents of wearing and loving all of our pieces, it can mean mixing in heirloom pieces with some fashion forward moments. In this week's Editorial, we are doing a deep dive into the basics of layering some gorgeous new pieces and how to coordinate them all  together or incorporate them into some of your existing standard styles. We are showing you a mixture of some high price ticketed items as well as some budget-friendly sparklers. If you feel like you're still struggling to achieve that perfect stack, you're not going to want to miss this one.
The primary layering trend that continues to live on, and the one we get asked about the most: necklaces. Necklaces are the easiest way to amp up any outfit. Whether it be a way to dress a simple ensemble up or get glam quickly for a Zoom call, getting down that perfect neck party is a must! Before you begin dressing up your neck, it's essential to know the fundamental basics. Rule number one is to always have at least two (ideally three) layers that differ in length. This way, none of your necklaces are hiding behind the other, and each can shine in its own way. You'll also be much happier at the end of the day when you don't have to worry about untangling a mangled mess. Our favorite necklace stack is a mixture of different chain weights, links and pendants to create depth and texture. Starting from the top, we love Marit Rae's Medium Clip Necklace worn short as a high choker. This everyday piece is gold filled and features simple, adjustable rectangular chain links all handmade in Santa Barbara by Marit Rae herself. This easy piece can also be worn independently or layered at various lengths depending on your mood. We’ve shortened things up to make this a choker.  It's always smart to go with something that has a pendant to act as an anchor for your necklace party, this can be your second or third layer, you could even have different sized and shaped pendants in each layer for some added flair. Here we chose the White Sapphire Star Pendant in 18k Yellow Gold from our friends in New York Roule & Co. This short chain architectural-inspired wow-piece features a multi-angular gold star pendant with a dazzling white sapphire stones trapped in the middle. We love the addition of sparkle that this simple yet elevated fine jewelry piece brings to our look. Last but not least, we think it important to draw the eye down to give more length to your look and neck. One of the latest additions from Paris, we love the subtle Comporta No. 2 lariat necklace by Pascale Monvoisin. This gently glitzy gold chain is the perfect lengthening piece to counter balance the shorter chains we just discussed. Let this dainty lariat dress up any tshirt or layer it up with your favorite charms.
Many of you are still trying to build that perfect necklace stack, but why stop there? We get asked just as often about how we layer our favorite bracelets. The basics of creating a curated arm party are similar to necklaces, but you're working on a much smaller scale with more room to stack things up. Your wrist is a little less of a focal point, so throwing in more contrast when it comes to scaling, color, and materials is a fun way to accessorize and elevate. We started off our arm party with our show stopper piece: the Signature Yellow Gold Chain Link Bracelet by Roule and Co. This 18k yellow gold and diamond bracelet truly is out of this world with it's thick and intricate wire links spiraling around your wrist. We love how chunky yet classic this piece is - perfect for being the main attraction of your arm party. To build off of your first layer, go with something that follows suit in terms of aesthetic. Marit Rae's Big Clip Chain Bracelet is the perfect follow up. This budget-friendly piece features similar yet much daintier chain links that will bring a little bit of scale play when paired with the Roule and Co. piece. To finish everything off, pop in an easy enamel chain that won't steal the show. We love the simplicity of the Double Strand Enamel Bracelet in White by Marit Rae. This adjustable double chain piece is decorated with tiny hits of white enamel beads that agree entirely with the dominantly gold story we have built.






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