Are Those Old, Used Sneakers? No. They're Golden Goose.

Named for one of Aesop’s most famous Fables, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is the joint creative culmination of Venetian designers, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. Their objective was to create a comfortable, non-traditional shoe with vast international appeal, combining modern style with a vintage twist - and boy did they strike gold.

The GGDB sneaker combines a West Coast skater vibe with Italian fabrication excellence, making every single hand made pair authentic and unique. Each shoe is designed and carefully hand constructed in Venice, Italy, using new techniques to scuff and scrape the shoe, giving them that hip distressed look that immediately sets them apart from any other sneaker. GGDB executes perfectly, making their sneakers look worn in and well-loved without compromising quality, featuring a pristine, brand new leather insert and sole.

In addition to their unique, distressed look, shoppers are most often intrigued by the luxury price-point - "$500 for sneakers?!" Some might say they could do that themselves (they can't), and others purchase them for the admiration and indulgence of a truly artisanal sneaker, one that is hand-crafted with the utmost delicacy and thought. Our favorite reason for splurging is the unbelievably comfortable sole. A sumptuous, thick, leather insole (this is removable for those that need their own insert) breaks in to the most supple, supportive moccasin lined with a fine french terry. Like any other hand-made, all leather shoe, sometimes these need a wear or two to break in.

As the only boutique in San Francisco to carry both Men's and Women's, come stop by and see for the yourself - the magic of Golden Goose.

Here's a few of our favorite styles:

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