Get to Know: Roule & Co.

The husband and wife duo behind the small but impactful New York City fine jewelry brand Roule & Co. merge the concepts of tradition and technology, architectural design and natural stones, past, present and future, to create their own distinctive signature on the world of fine jewelry – and here at Pavilion, we are major fans of their incredible offerings. In a constant dedication to using ethical and sustainably sourced materials, Roule & Co. uses recycled gold and carefully selected material. Their specialty is immediately demonstrated in their unique use of color both in rare tones of custom gold alloys and hand chosen precious stones.

Pavilion Editorial - Roule & Co
Shown above: Roule & Co. Pixel Dust Solitaire Rings

Roule & Co. revolutionizes the realm of fine jewelry by bridging the dichotomies of spaces within, without and between. Inspired by the dynamism of architecture, their collections bring to life the beauty of geometry with their complex metalwork. Husband Christopher Roule imparts the collection with its trademark wireform design, while wife Laurin Lucaire, a former graphic designer, infuses the line with her love of color through the choices of gemstones–altogether creating a collection unique to itself. 

Pavilion Editorial - Roule & Co

Shown above from top to bottom: Roule & Co. Hexy Strata Triple Pendant Diamond Necklace, Roule & Co. Hex Strata Single Pendant Diamond Necklace

One of the most beloved lines at Pavilion, Roule & Co. is unique in their ability to bring to life beautiful, modern, sustainable concepts, but also because of the close personal connection to the duo behind Roule and Co. The founder of Pavilion, Mariko Yamasaki, has a long standing friendship with the founders of Roule and Co. (they even created her custom wedding rings) and the possibilities of custom pieces are vast and virtually endless for Pavilion clients. Roule and C.o is a visionary brand that takes pleasure in offering pieces that are special and singular, and will create any wearer’s dream article of jewelry through Pavilion.

Pavilion Editorial - Roule & CoShown above: Roule & Co. Pixel Dust Stacking Rings

Pavilion Editorial - Roule & Co

Shown above: Roule & Co Signature Single Link Earrings

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