Fourth of July Fashion

The fourth of July is just a week away–have you planned your outfit yet? If not don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place! Packed with new arrivals and lots of style guidance, we have the pieces you need to feel your best at Pavilion!

Pavilion Editorial Fourth of July Fashion
Shown above (clockwise from left): Enza Costa Scoop Crop Tank in White, Fortela Woven Denim Shirt in Blue Indigo, Cara Cara Chase Skirt in Belle Tile Blue

Fourth of July fashion is all about clean bright white, crisp cotton fabrics and shades of blue. We love to infuse our holiday fashion with celestial jewelry as a nod to the firework displays and starry skies of summer. If you’re looking to celebrate and therefore dress up, go with a cotton skirt with a bold, beautiful print that will earn you lots of compliments. Pair it with a simple white crop, and if you need to cover up, add a denim shirt that can serve as a light jacket. Our Fortela shirt is made from denim with western details that nod to Americana styles, which is a perfect addition to Independence Day fashion.
Pavilion Editorial Fourth of July Fashion
If you’re seeking an outfit centered around comfort, you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of jeans and an easy sweatshirt. But if you want to make it feel a little more special than just an everyday look, the details can elevate the outfit. Opt for a balance, like a baggy and oversized crew with a slim straight. Add polish by pulling in the waist with a belt and front tucking the crew to make it visible. Then add black leather accessories to bring it all together. This will offer comfort while still looking polished and is versatile enough to wear to backyard barbecues or a picnic in the park with family.
Pavilion Editorial Fourth of July Fashion
We wish you a safe and fun Fourth of July! 

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