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As the days spent at home gradually  turn to weeks, succumbing to the slow-paced quarantined life may be increasingly difficult to avoid, it’s important to us to keep our beloved customers and Pavilion family happy, sane, inspired, and of course - stylish. Remember, it's okay to slow down and check-in with yourself but not to give up all hope. While many of us have permanently retreated into our coziest, more convenient pieces, in this week's editorial, we hope to bring you a renewed but effortless addition to your daily routine. Your favorite sweatpants can pull you through the blending days in shelter, but so can jewelry. We have some amazing pieces available online that are stunningly simple, affordable and able to be worn 24/7 fuss-free. We promise - it's the little things, treat yourself or a loved one to keep the simple joys coming.

Shown above: (Top) Marit Rae 5mm Beaded Necklace, Marit Rae Horoscope Necklace (Aries)

If you are an avid Pavilion customer and Editorial skimmer, then you are familiar with our constant raves over our friend and jewelry designer, Marit Rae. Not only is she one of the sweetest women but a master of her craft. All her gorgeous pieces are handmade in Santa Barbara by none other than Marit Rae herself. Necklaces are one of the easiest and most popular accessories for everyone everywhere. We love the combination of ease and subtle elevation of Marit Rae's 5mm Beaded Necklace. The slightly oversized beads are all gold-filled, so this piece can be worn 24/7 - and yes, that means you can sweat it out on the yoga mat at home and forget about it in the shower as well. This everyday piece comes with an adjustable clasp, making it the perfect layering piece but can be easily stand alone. We love pairing it with the Horoscope Necklace as this piece is the perfect pendant with a delicate but unique chain. One side of the medallion is the zodiac image with the corresponding sign in script on the back. Wear this alone or layer with your favorite pieces.

Shown above: (Left to Right) Marit Rae 5mm Beaded Bracelet, Marit Rae Beaded Stretch Bracelet - Evil Eye DiscMarit Rae Small Bead Stretch Bracelet

Our next favorite quarantine accessory in the line up is none other than the bracelet! We believe that there is no limit to how many bracelets you can rock during your time indoors. Throw your own arm party - in fact, we actually encourage it! An easy way to start things off is with Marit Rae's 5mm Big Bead Bracelet. This easy statement stretch piece is the perfect strand to be worn alone and we never take this durable piece off. Treat it as an everyday staple and layered with another shop favorite such as the Small Bead Stretch Bracelet. Also from Marit Rae, this piece features a string of small gold-filled beads on a robust elastic thread. This stretch bracelet is easy to slip on and off, you'll want more than one. Add some charm to things with the Evil Eye Disc Stretch Bracelet. This piece features the same beads as our previous stretch bracelet but is anchored with a symbolic and protective evil eye charm. Not only do we recommend this bracelet because of its convenience, but we also love the symbolism of the evil eye talisman. It is believed that wearing the evil eye brings protection and good fortune.

Shown above: (Left to Right) Marit Rae Duet Ear Cuff, Marit Rae Beaded Ear Cuff, Pavilion Diamond Circle Stud 

Our last must-have accessory is a shop favorite. We love  the simple enjoyment we get from Marit Rae's Ear Cuffs. Available in 4 equally gorgeous options, the non-piercing ear cuff is one of our latest obsessions. Obviously, no one is getting their ears pierced at this moment (we hope), so why not play around with some faux options. This earring alternative is a fun, and temporary accessory intended to rest in the conch of the ear. Although these ear cuffs are gold plated, the strength of the plating is incredibly durable. If you can remember take these off at night and to shower, if you forget it’s no big deal but your plated jewelry will thank you and last you longer with a little less wear at tear. Here we are stacking two separate cuffs, the Beaded Cuff and the Duet Cuff.

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