Camera Ready

Most of us are in the trenches of sheltering in place as the world fights to combat Covid-19. While life may have come to a screeching halt on the outside, business and video conferencing continues. As Zoom’s stock skyrockets, many of us maintain our external connections on their platform, signaling the sudden need to always be camera ready - even at home. It’s still easier than getting fully ready and going into the office but it’s a new demand for many of us to be dressed (at least) from the waist up to jump on a video chat at any given moment. This week we’re bringing you a few quick tips on how to cheat the system and pretend like you’re still getting dressed for the work week.

Shown above: Anine Bing Becky Blazer in Rust, Alternative Apparel Slinky V-Neck in Black

Perhaps one of oldest tricks in the book; the blazer and tee look is a perennial favorite for looking immediately pulled together. In the absence of a conference room or a bustling office, a full suit might look a bit out of place, if not absurd, but throwing a blazer over a plain tee is an effortless “insta-fix” to any outfit. The Becky Blazer from Anine Bing makes it’s spring debut in Rust, and we love this pop of color in an otherwise challenging time. Bring some brightness to your next virtual meeting and drape this jacket over your favorite neutral tee. We love this simple black v-neck tee from Alternative Apparel. With a crisp but comfortable look on top, the best part is you won’t need to worry about the rest. Stay in your favorite sweats on your stretchy jeans and let the blazer do all the heavy lifting for you.

Shown above: Loulou Studio Tahaa Cardigan in Noisette, All jewelry Marit Rae available upon request

Shown above: Loulou Studio Tahaa Cardigan in Noisette, All jewelry Marit Rae available upon request

Now more than ever, the oversized cardigan takes center stage and the perfect piece to stay home in. Cute, cozy and cabled, the Loulou Studio Tahaa Cardigan in Noisette is the ultimate “work from home” sweater to keep your colleagues fooled into believing you’re still styling in the comfort of your own home. Knit from the softest cashmere wool blend, this cardi is the chicest intersection of comfort and class. While we might normally pair this back to some high waisted trousers or even jeans, go for what feels good and keep your leggings tucked under the table. For a few finishing touches, consider stacking some jewelry for a more luxe illusion.



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Camera Ready

– Pavilion

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Camera Ready

– Pavilion


Camera Ready

– Pavilion

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